Here at Cotswold Fayre, when we see an interesting food trend, we are desperate to try it out and see what all the fuss is about.

Bulletproof coffee hit the mainstream as a breakfast alternative designed for the Keto Diet. It’s a high calorie caffeine boost designed to start the day and keep you going until lunchtime, although there are mixed thoughts on the health benefits.

It was my partner that alerted me to ‘Bulletproof Coffee’, he’s a coffee fiend we tried it out one morning at home to great success! Being an office fuelled by caffeine I knew we had to bring the idea in to work see what everyone else thought, and what better to try it out with than one of our newest chilled products: Moose Maple Butter.  


  • Coffee of your choice - but it works best with ground coffee or barista style instant coffee
  • 1-2tsp of Moose Maple Butter


  • Make your coffee and stir in the butter, simple! 

Our review:

Definite mixed views from the team! When trying this at home I loved it but it wasn’t quite the same second time round, but I’d try it again and perfect the quantities for my taste buds.