Christmas 2020 is going be the strangest festive period for a long time, not since the 2nd World War has this country seen such upheaval to normal life. Whilst we are can’t be certain what will happen over the next 8 weeks, the chances are that we won’t be visiting family and friends for the big day or rushing all over the country in the weird limbo between Christmas and New Year.

Celebrations will be a lot smaller, we may just be celebrating in our own households, or if the “rule of 6” comes back in to play there may be an extra grandparent, aunt or neighbour to cater for, but there won’t be a need to get the extendable table out, with diners sat on an eclectic collection of seats.

But if we are cooking for one or a bigger household, everyone will still gather around for an epic dinner followed by The Queen's Speech and a snooze on the sofa. Which means the country will still need the essentials (and treats) to make the best of it. Whether your customers are after the convenience of Pre-Prepared Sprouts ready for a wiz in the microwave, or Smoked Salmon to make some classic cocktail blinis, we have got it all covered with our new Chilled Christmas catalogue.

For many people, it’s all about the build-up and getting in the festive spirt so make sure you’ve got options like the White Rabbit Pizza Festive Feast Pizza and Mud Christmas in a Pie for those December meal solutions in front of the TV.

With many “non-essential” shops closing across the nations, foodie gifts will be on the rise this year, so the Cheese and Chutney Gift Packs from Snowdonia Cheese are great and will survive being left on the doorstep in lieu of visits.

You can order online for many of the products or speak to your account manager for pre-orders.