So, despite the hottest weekend of the summer, it is nearly over.  I always feel that the Tuesday after the Bank Holiday weekend feels like normal service is resumed, and judging by the number of cars on the M4 this morning, it seems true!  I am normally away on holiday this week actually, so have no time to build up to the big event next weekend #SFFF2017  Not being on holiday this year means that I am looking forward to the event more than ever.  A number of changes have been made this year which should change the feel of the show more back to how it used to be - smaller and more intimate.


It is still a decent size show though and as an exhibitor or visitor you need a plan in place to ensure you are getting value for money.  As an exhibitor, have objectives for the show.  What do you want to achieve?  What will you be happy with on Tuesday evening?  Is your main aim at the show to direct leads and orders to your wholesalers or deal with them yourself?  Do you have the right people on the stand, who are capable of selling?  Does your stand look good and attractive? And do you have enough tasting stock? 


All of this may seem very obvious to those that have done these events for years, but it amazes me how many exhibitors don’t have clear objectives in place and therefore no idea at the end of the show whether it has been a success or failure.  I once ran across a sausage manufacturer, who was boasting to others about how fantastic the show had been and that they had given away 5,000 pieces of sausage.  I said to them that they were going to have their work cut out following up all those leads, and they told me they didn’t have a single person’s contact details!   Not what I call a good show.


As a visitor too, it is all too easy to have a great time, see your mates, a couple of coffees with old acquaintances and wander aimlessly around the aisles, but achieve little.  Come with a plan, know who you want to see, know which categories of products you are looking for and spend time on the web-site prior to the show to ensure your time there is well spent. Sorry if I sound like a hard task-master, but I know only from my own experience how easy it is to waste time.


So, I look forward to seeing you next weekend, but I promise I won’t keep you talking too long!