Twyford Village Stores have been a customer of Cotswold Fayre for many years, so this month we have asked their manager, Anthony Plowman some questions.


Why have you felt that you need to add more premium and healthy products to the range within your store?

"To set up apart and give us a point of difference over the average village store.  Customers are looking for something different to what they can find in the supermarkets and artisan & local products fit the bill. This in turn increases our customers’ average basket spend. We are also in an affluent area and more is expected from our store. There are lots of families who have moved into the area from London and have higher expectations and product knowledge than in previous years."


  • How many other wholesalers can you buy these from –

"Aware there are a number out there, but we use Cotswold Fayre as our main supplier.  Cotswold Fayre is our main soft drinks wholesaler for those products not in the supermarkets.  With more of our customers looking for a healthy lifestyle, we need to stock more healthy drinks."


  • Why particularly did you choose Cotswold Fayre? –

"Cotswold Fayre have an excellent range of products to choose from, interesting new lines introduced each year and extensive Christmas ranges too.  We are looking forward to launch shows in January and finding more new products, including healthy drinks. The chilled portfolio is ever-expanding, and we are regularly increasing the ranges we stock. The online ordering system is also very useful and easy to use. We also like working with our Account Manager, which is lacking from other competitors."


  • To what extent are healthy products important to you?

"We do stock the new Protein Ball Company products, but majority of our premium ranges are indulgences rather than healthy. Some of our healthy lifesytle products are a constant, but overall the snacking and treat section is our biggest market. Gifting plays and important part in our trade and customers want something different and unique that they can't necessarily find in a supermarket."


  • How do you see the market changing during 2018?

"Customers will always want something different and unique and will stay alert for products that they haven't seen before. We think the customer is becoming more and more aware of what is in the product and where it comes from. American products that don't contain so many bad ingredients are also sort out as well as unusual sweet treats. Chilled ranges will grow, people are becoming more and more reliant on quick healthy meals that don't take long to prepare. Chilled ranges need to be healthy too,  as we are also seeing growth in better for you frozen foods."