Milland Community Store

Recently, we caught up with one of our convenience store customers, Milland Community Store. As preparations for Christmas begin, they share some tips on how to boost seasonal sales.


Milland Community Store, based in Liphook, Hampshire, was set up by the local community in 2011, to create a true village store with great products and excellent friendly customer service.  A customer of ours for five years, the convenience store has seen sales of fine food grow year on year.


Stocking new and different products each Christmas is key for the small village store.  Kriszta Sloan, shop manager, says: “We order products from Cotswold Fayre’s Christmas range because in addition to seasonal staples such as chocolate tree decorations, it always includes unique items that we know our customers will love and won’t be able to find elsewhere.


“Last Christmas, Quaranta’s nougat cake was one of our best sellers.  We find that extravagant products like this do well throughout the festive season, as customers are happy to spend that little bit extra. 


“At the same time, customers definitely set themselves a spending limit psychologically, which for our store is around the £12 mark per item, so I’d advise other retailers to keep this in mind when ordering for Christmas as there is always a risk when stocking too many products above this psychological limit.”


Kriszta has set up a dedicated area of the shop for seasonal displays, which she finds is a great way to boost sales, particularly at Christmas.


She says: “Having our full range of products on display at Christmas always helps to grab the attention of customers.  I find that quantity catches the eye of customers, so try to create big displays.  Obviously it must still look aesthetically pleasing, so I group similar products together and take into account the colour of the stock I order.  It’s also important to think about the shelf life of products and place those products with a shorter date in priority position. 


“I move any products that see particularly slow sales to a display by the till to attract customers’ attention and help give sales a boost.


“At this time, it’s impossible to predict exactly which products will be popular this Christmas, but our best sellers tend to be the latest products which are new for that year… so watch this space!”


As a fine food wholesaler, our Christmas wholesale range covers a wide range of categories including baking, confectionery, grocery and store cupboard essentials, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, make your own gift sets and chilled.


Check out the full Christmas range and download the catalogue here or call us on 03452 606060.