Despite recent taxes and the nation’s increasing interest in keeping healthy, the confectionery market remains a growing one and us Brits still love to indulge our sweet tooth.


As one of our largest categories, our confectionery suppliers offer convenience stores, fine food retailers and delis a huge choice of sweet treats to stock all year round.


We are always on the look-out for innovative brands and products that offer our customers something a little different from the norm.


Do check out the full range here but in the meantime, why not find out more about some of our top selling confectionery wholesale suppliers.


Starting in 2014, Mighty Fine began its journey through the confectionery market in a small chocolate shop in London’s iconic Camden Market selling unique products like tequila truffles, bacon dipped in chocolate and of course honeycomb!  With the honeycomb selling faster than they could make it, Mighty Fine ventured further into the confectionery market and focused on its light and crisp honeycomb.

CF Mighty Fine

Kit Tomlinson, founder, says: “As people are consciously thinking about what they eat more and more, they are looking for better quality when it comes to confectionery.  The premium end of the market continues to progress and with it, more opportunities for new ideas and innovation.


“The combination of a special technique to make our honeycomb and fine quality ingredients like luxurious Belgian chocolate and delicious honey, sees our Milk Chocolate Dips remain a best seller.”


You can view the full range of delicious honeycomb from Mighty Fine here.


Claudia Rushworth, founder of The Original Candy Co, says: “To succeed in the confectionery market brands need to keep things new and fresh whilst remaining competitive; and equally, retailers should introduce new stock and update displays.”

CF Original Candy

Although The Original Candy Company’s first ever product, the strawberry candy cane, remains its top seller all year round, it is constantly adding to the range with new flavours and creations.  New to the Christmas range this year is the Star Swirl lollipop, available in three distinctive flavours: Cherry Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel.  All of the products in the range are natural with no artificial colours or flavours, check it out here.

CF Chocca Mocca

One of the most innovative and best-selling products from confectionery supplier Chocca Mocca is the delicious, high quality Milk Drinking Chocolate.  It sees constant sales all year round – great as a gift or for the increasing number of consumers looking to spend a bit more for a better quality confectionery treat.  View the full range of chocolate confectionery from Chocca Mocca here.


Across the wider market more and more people are interested in the provenance of their food both from ethical and food quality stand points, says Harriet Rhys Williams, at Willies Cacao.


“Premium dark chocolate has been driving growth for a while as people are more aware of health issues, both the avoidance of sugar and the positive health benefits cacao brings.  Within this, low or no sugar is growing particularly strong. Last year, on this low sugar trend, we introduced Milk of the Stars, a milk chocolate with 54% cacao so less  less added sugar than a 70% dark chocolate.  This is made with a single estate bean from Surbaya, Indonesia, with soft caramel notes.


“Within confectionery people will always want novelty so unusual flavours will continue to come and go, but underlying everything I expect to see a gradual move to healthier and more ethical treats.”

CF Willies

Willie Harcourt-Cooze, founder of Willies Cacao, bought a cacao farm in Venezuela in 1996, and went on to build the UK’s first ‘bean to bar’ chocolate factory.  You can view the full range of unique and delicious single estate chocolate bars, pods and pearls from Willies Cacao here.


As a confectionery distributor, we have an extensive range of the finest quality confectionery products including chocolate, sweets, liquorice, fudge, honeycomb treats and more! You can view the full range here.