With chilled food and drink set to be one of the convenience and specialist stores stars of the future, as a chilled food wholesaler, we carefully source suppliers that we think will make a real difference to any store’s chilled offer.


One great example of this is Country Puddings, whose products regularly top our top ten best seller list.  A true home-grown business, Country Puddings started life in 2000, when farmer’s wife, Lynne Mallinson started making sticky toffee pudding for her local farm shop in Penrith.


Today, the company makes a sumptuous range of steamed, baked, crumbles and rice puddings together with that all important traditional pudding favourite, vanilla custard.


“When I started the business, I had no idea quite how fast it would grow,” says Lynne.  “We now manufacture 1,500 puddings and custards a day, not I hasten to add, from my kitchen!!


“Despite the growth, we stick to the same ethos that I started the business with, to only use quality ingredients, sourced locally where possible and to produce amazing tasting desserts and custard.”


Find out more about Country Puddings’ seasonal best seller Summer Pudding and more here.


From something quintessentially British to an all-time Italian favourite: fresh pasta.


Mattarello is a fabulous range of filled pasta, made in Verona, with a modern but authentic Italian twist.  The range includes something for everyone from Butternut Squash, Thyme & Sage & Tortelli to Braised Meat & Béchamel Mezzelune, Buffalo Milk Mozzarella & Pecorino Ravioli to Braised Beef al Barolo Tortelloni.


Luca Ritucci at Mattarello says:  “We wanted to create a range of restaurant quality fresh pasta that people could enjoy at home with friends and family. We suggest to serve it with laughter and joy!”


Find out more about Mattarello's range of pasta here.


A category staple for any retailer’s chiller, is the ever popular yoghurt.  But, as with the mainstream consumer trend, shoppers continue to look for products that are different, tasty and add a health boost.


This is where relative market newcomer Nutmeg and Hive comes into its own with its delicious range of super yoghurts.


Made from cold pressed whole fruits and strained bio yoghurt, the yoghurts are 100% natural and packed with protein, omega 3 and essential vitamins and minerals.

Nutmeg and Hive comes in three different flavours, Blueberry, Raspberry and Mango & Passion Fruit.  Find out more here.


Co-founder of Dan Hull, a range of diverse, tasty and genuine deli favourites, has been where you are, a retailer, and in particular an owner of a farm shop, following a career in food and catering.


“Five years ago, I decided that I wanted to make some hand-made products for my chiller to offer customers something different from the norm, and so Dan Hull began,” says Dan. 


“While, one of the first products I ever made, a home-made coleslaw, remains our best-selling product, we have expanded our range exponentially to include pâtés, parfaits, stuffing, sausage rolls, meats and more.”


Find out more about the wide range of Dan Hull products we stock here.