Following our prediction that the convenience sector will continue to premiumise its offering in 2017, we caught up with one of our independent convenience retailers to find out their thoughts about stocking fine food and what they believe the future holds for their store.


Twyford Village Store in Hampshire has been owned by Simon Cooper for 28 years.  He has been a Cotswold Fayre customer for the past decade.  The independent convenience store stocks premium, fine food products as a result of their customers getting tired of supermarket culture and looking for differentiated products.


Anthony Plowman, general manager at Twyford Village Store, says: “Our fine food range is continuously growing.  We stock a whole range of products but
baking, wholefood snacks and confectionery are among our top selling categories.  We find that our customers love brands from Cotswold Fayre as they tend to be ethical, high quality, have a great story behind them and stand-out as different to what they find at supermarkets.


“We have also recently diversified into stocking chilled products from Cotswold Fayre in the last six months.  This is an area that we plan to expand in the future and among our top selling chilled products are smoked salmon, puddings and pies.  Given that we are all becoming more and more health-conscious, the demand for free-from products is also increasing.  As a result of this we hope to create a new section of the shop dedicated to gluten-free products in the near future.”



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