With the continued popularity of artisan home baking products within fine food specialist retailers, farm shops and convenience stores, it is perhaps not surprising to see this category well represented within our latest catalogue and new suppliers list.


Janet Sawyer from LittlePod believes that consumers are becoming ever more educated and interested not just about the natural content but also the ethical provenance of products.


The company was set up in 2010 and has seen a steady increase in demand for its products since this time.


“We only use sustainably grown, real vanilla pods for our products,” explains Janet. “While many cheaper chemically synthesised products have flooded the market, our vanilla extract and flagship paste really stand out in terms of flavour and authenticity.


“Vanilla pods grow upon cocoa and coffee bean trees and so it was an obvious step to extend out range of extracts into coffee and chocolate too because these ingredients also complement each other when baking.”

Specialist miller, Bacheldre Watermill produces a range of organic and traditional flours, using traditional equipment, much of it hundreds of years old.


Founders Matt and Anne Scott, stumbled across the mill, which dates back to 1575, and fell in love with it at first sight.


“We were both enchanted and fascinated by the mill, which was a working museum when we first came across it, producing a relatively small amount of flour,” says Matt.


“Today, we produce a range of bread home baking and speciality flours, all stone ground to retain all the natural goodness and flavours of the wheat germ.  We believe that the increasing demand for our products comes from consistently providing a top quality range combining traditional milling methods, new technology and product innovation.”


With home bread makers becoming more affordable, more people are opting to make their own bread at home, using ingredients that they have sourced, to personalise their loaves.


New brand, Knead the Seed (created by Seasoned Pioneers), is capitalising on this trend with its seed mixes which add a fabulous crunch to bread but can also be used as a sprinkle on salads, yoghurt, porridge, smoothies and more.


Sandra Oscroft, Sales Manager at Seasoned Pioneers is confident that the demand for seed mixes will continue to grow.


“Seeds are a great natural source of omega 3, protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins.  Our two mixes, both contain chia seeds, which some see as the ultimate superfood, as they are so nutrient dense,” says Sandra.


“But it is perhaps the flavour that just a spoonful or two of seeds can add to bread that make them such a popular addition to any loaf.”

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