Here at Cotswold Fayre our progress as a chilled foods wholesaler has come on leaps and bounds during 2017. As a whole, we have demonstrated significant double-digit growth since April this year and it is the increased significance of the chilled food within the range that accounts for more than 50% of this growth.


Of particular importance are meal solution type products such as soups. Watmuff & Beckett fresh soups are the epitome of this sector. Andrew Watmuff says, “We have many dried, ambient and canned competitors but increasingly it is our chilled fresh soups that are given increasing presence not only within larger farm shops but also smaller convenience and top-up style C and Forecourt stores.  Both these types of stores are very keen to buy chilled products through a chilled food distributor like Cotswold Fayre for good logistical reasons.  Both farm shops and convenience stores each represent 30% of our chilled foods revenue at present.


This growing sector encouraged Watmuff & Beckett to introduce fresh risottos as a summer alternative to soups but such is the growth and interest within the chilled #readymeals sector these have now grown to 50% of their business all year around.


Another chilled meal solution supplier exhibiting good growth throughout 2017 is Mattarello (formerly known as The Fresh Pasta Company).  Mattarello (meaning ‘rolling pin’ in Italian) is the ‘Celebration of real Italy’ at home, delivering food from a passionate country using genuine natural ingredients that you can taste, to create and share experiences.  This range has seen strong growth in Wholefoods, who buy all their chilled products through chilled food wholesalers.


Easy food solutions for people on the go is a category of chilled foods that has been in rapid growth during 2017.  We believe that over 50% of our products fit into this category.  Another range within the quick meal solution category is Soulful Food.


Iain Hamilton of Soulful says, “Soulful Food makes it easier for busy people to eat well whilst on the go. We make award winning, nutritionally  balanced, globally inspired food in convenient pots that are easy to reheat.  All our food is made in small batches to ensure the very best flavours and we are proud of using some fabulous British ingredients. Our combination of international flavours and British ingredients has been a winning formula as most of our range has won Great Taste golds.  Health and nutrition also underpins everything we do and all of our Onepots and Soups are focused on providing our customers with the optimum nutrition to help them through their hectic lives.

As a chilled food wholesaler, we have an extensive range of the finest quality, delicious wholesale food on the go and quick, easy meal solutions including soups, risotto, pasta, one-pots and more! You can view the full chilled range here or call us on 03452 606060.