As the food and convenience industry begins to prepare for the biggest selling period of the year, we took a look at one of the most prominent categories for Christmas - confectionery.


Despite the ongoing fight against sugar, the confectionery market is holding up and sales are in fact up by more than 1%, based on Kantar Worldpanel data (2016).  This is perhaps due to such impressive diversification and innovation from brands within the confectionery market, enabling Britain to keep their sweet tooth very much sweet. 


By volume, Britain has the second biggest confectionery market in Europe (Euromonitor), according to The Grocer’s latest category report.


The huge amount of choice within the confectionery market is how it continues to maintain and drive growth.  We are proud to have such a large and diverse range of confectionery products which remains one of our top selling categories, currently accounting for 10.6% of convenience sales (and that’s without Christmas!).


If you’re new to stocking confectionery or are looking to create a new gifting display in your convenience store, here are our top ten confectionery wholesale brands and bestselling products:


1. Monty Bojangles’ range of chocolate truffles
2. RJ’s Licorice’s natural licorice pieces, logs and allsorts
3. Willie’s Cacao and the range of chocolate bars and pearls
4. Summerdown Mint’s range of peppermint chocolates
5. Bear’s fruit rolls
6. Chocca Mocca and the range of chocolate covered fruit
7. Mighty Fine Honeycombe’s chocolate honeycombe dips and bars
8. Matt & Ben’s fudge
9. Rocky Mountain marshmallows
10. Gnaw’s range of chocolate bars


As a confectionery distributor, we have an extensive range of the finest quality confectionery products including chocolate, sweets, liquorice, fudge, honeycomb treats and more! You can view the full range here.