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All goods will be delivered into the Cotswold Fayre chilled warehouse the day before we deliver, this will maximise the shelf life for you, therefore:


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  • Delivery will be on Thursday/Friday
  • Minimum order is £100 
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  • The Minimum Days Shelf Life (DSL) for each product is the minimum product life you will receive on receipt


Minimum order value is £100 for the following postcodes:
London - E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, WC, W
London Suburbs - BR, CR, EN, HA, IG, KT, SM, TW, UB, WD, 
Other – Home Counties  - AL, BN, CV, LE, LU, HP, GU, NG, NN, OX, SL, SN SO20-24, RG, RH, TN
All other mainland delivery postcodes are subject to a minimum order value of £750

Over 30 chilled ranges are listed with us, see below for supplier and product details.

Tom's Pies, boxed retail pies and loose deli pies for over the counter.

Tom's Pies are multi-award winning pies, handmade in Devon, using the best locally sourced seasonal ingredients. All the ingredients are free range and sourced in the West Country, to produce sustainable, artisan products with no artificial preservatives, additives or colourings. 

Secret Sausages, vegetarian sausages.

Secret Sausages contain no meat, and are made using vegetables and rice. They discovered a healthier, unique, vegetarian casing for sausages, made from seaweed and rice, to create an entire range made with 90% less fat, 50% fewer calories, 35% less salt than normal sausages and are completely gluten free. 

 Jacob's Finest, falafel.

A family run company using traditional recipes to make their falafel. They start by soaking their own chickpeas for twelve hours before adding fresh garlic, onion, a secret spice mix and the flavoured falafels have added fruit. The falafel are suitable for vegans, and are gluten, wheat, nut, egg, dairy and soya free. The falafel can be eaten hot or cold. 

Me Too! Foods / Ramona's Kitchen, houmous, dips, sauces and salads. 

Ramona's kitchen produces fresh vegetarian foods, such as falafel, houmous, fresh salads, soups, dips, sauces and meze specialities. 

Granny Mary's, pate and dips.

A young family business formed in 2012, with the desire to bring back much loved and often forgotten family recipes. They passionately believe in using the highest quality ingredients, all made in small batches and using traditional processes with no preservatives or additives.

Moorish, humous and dips.

Moorish smoked humous and dips are made using ingredients that are gently and naturally cold smoked in Britain. The Moorish team are passionate about doing things properly which is reflected in the taste and quality of the products. Made with no additives and guarenteed GMO-free, Moorish is full of goodness and flavour, whilst being very moreish. 

Easy Bean, one-pot meals.

Inspired by bean and one-pot recipes from around the world, Easy Bean have created a range of healthy, versatile recipes to enjoy on-the-go, as a tasty supper or snack. 

Shemin's, curry paste. 

Shemin was brought up in Uganda, and has created a range of curry pastes based on traditional family recipes from some of her most treasured memories growing up, surrounded by foods with fragrant fresh herbs and spices. The range of versatile Thai and Indian pastes are made without additives, preservatives, sugars or colours, are gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. 

The Art of Curry, curry sauces.

A range of artisan curry sauces based on the heritage of Indian and Pakistani cooking, using originals recipes, passed down through generations of the family. The sauces are cooked from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients, bringing the authenic curry taste straight into your home. 

Matarello (The Fresh Pasta Co.), filled and free-range egg pasta, sauces, pesto and Parmareggio parmesan cheese. 

The Fresh Pasta Company's philosophy is to deliver the best quality fresh pasta and related food products in flavours that are accessible to consumers but with a quality twist. All products are made in Italy strictly following recipes, and using traditional methods of production to the highest standards, and have won over 40 awards for quality and innovation. Mattarello is the ‘Celebration of real Italy’ at home, delivering food from a passionate country using genuine natural ingredients that you can taste, to create and share experiences.

Mash Direct, vegetable products including cabbage, mash, burgers and croquettes. 

An independent, family owned farming and food production enterprise in County Down, producing convenient vegetable and potato dishes, ranging from traditional accompaniments to complete ready meals. The range is steam cooked immediately after harvesting to ensure unrivalled freshness of flavour and texture, whilst retaining natural nutritional benefits. 

Soupologie, gluten free soup.

Using only healthy and nutritious ingredients, all soups are plant-based, gluten free, dairy free and with no added sugars. As a result, the soups are vegan, low carb, low calorie and often contain special ingredients such as spirulina (high in protein), amaranth (a gluten free grain that's high in calcium) and black garlic (super high in antioxidants). 


Potted Fish Co., fish products including fish cakes, pie and snack pots.

The products are created from their sheer passion of seafood, and the desire for everyone to have the opportunity to purchase ethically produced products of great quality, at an affordable price. The Potted Fish Co. have become known for offering high quality products, free from artificial additives and preservatives, which are handmade with 100% sustainable ingredients.

Macneil's Smokehouse, smoked and cured salmon. 

A family run, small scale artisan producer in Worcestershire, producing the finest smoked salmon in small batches. Smoked in a professional smokeshouse using an imported Norweigan smoking machine. The racks are loaded with whole sides of the finest Scottish Smoked Salmon which are smoked to a unique own recipe. 

RR. Spink & Sons, smoked trout. 

Founded in 1715, RR. Spink & Sons specialise in using the best of natural ingredients and sustainable Scottish salmon and Loch smoked trout. With 300 years of experience, they source, smoke and prepare the best smoked salmon and trout. 

Hebridean Food Company, soup, stocks, bisque and chowder. 

Established by a lobster fisherman's son from the Isle of North Uist. His passion is to let everyone enjoy a small slice of the Hebrides, by producing small batches of soups, bisques and chowders, made using traditional methods to ensure they pack a punch when it comes to flavour. 

Taste of the Lakes, smoked meat and fish.

A family business that has grown from strong farming roots in West Cumbria. Driven by a true passion for real food, they produce and gather together a growing range of fine food products that are the Taste of the Lakes. 

Denny Fire and Smoke, meat products. 

Transport yourself straight to Deep South Americana where they know all about cooking low and slow. Denny have gone and got all inspired by those pitmaster folk from the Amercian Deep South and created some dang fine tasting meat for your taste buds’ pleasure. 

Odysea, Roussas feta, Cypriot halloumi and Mevgale greek yoghurt.

Odysea's aim is to be the first choice and point of reference for Greek products. The fundamental strengths are their knowledge of Greek cuisine, the authenticity, and supplying products of the highest quality. 

Truffle Hunter, truffle butter. 

The range of truffle butters are made in the heart of the Cotswolds using the finest quality fresh Italian Truffles, artisan Cotswolds butter and packed with truffle flavour.

The Garlic Farm, garlic butter.

A family business growing garlic on the Isle of Wight for over 40 years, and is now the premier garlic grower in the UK. The Garlic Farm have spent much time exploring garlic's history and origins, experimenting with many different varities, creating unqiue garlic infused products. 

Devon Cream Co. (Coombe Castle), long life cream.

Coombe Castle have travelled through Britain's farmyards and across the world to discover dairy favourites, old and new, including the treasured clotted cream. They have championed the UK's dairy produce, providing a taste from Devon to cream lovers worldwide.

Rodda's, cream, creme fraiche, custard and butter. 

A family business beginning in 1890 by supporting local farmers. They only source milk from farms within 30 miles of their creamery, from farmers with high welfare standards and cows who graze freely for up to 10 months of the year. Rodda's dairy products are guarenteed to be of high quality and authenticity, made from distinictively rich and creamy local milk. 

Village Dairy (Llaeth y Llan), Welsh yoghurt.

Llaeth Y Llan's is an award winning dairy outside the small village of Llannefydd, producing natural and flavoursome yoghurts from their old farmhouse using local wholesome Welsh milk. The bio-live natural yoghurt has no added sugar and is also a healthier alternative in baking. 

Shaken Udder, milkshakes. 

A range of milkshakes using only natural ingredients, blended with British milk and no artifical colours, flavours or preservatives, creating creamy milkshakes. 

Cartmel, sticky toffee puddings and sauce.

Cartmel is a family owned business based in the South Lakes of Cumbria, where sticky toffee puddings were first baked in the back kitcken of the village shop. Now they have moved to a bigger kitchen where all the puddings are made by hand from 100% natural ingredients, many sourced from the same local suppliers that were first used when the company started making sticky puddings 25 years ago. 

Country Puddings, puddings, crumbles and custards.

Country Puddings began in 2000 when Lynne Mallinson started making handmade, traditional family favourites, that her grandmother had show her as a small child, from her farmhouse kitchen for the local farm shop in Penrith. Now, Country Puddings offer prestigious, award winning puddings of the highest quality, made by hand with the finest ingredients by a small team in a dedicated pudding kitchen, with no flavourings or preservatives. 

Flower & White (Custardz), custards and curds.

All products are made in Shropshire with the best quality ingredients, natural flavours and British free range eggs. These luxurious premium pots of custard are creamy and delicious, enriched with layers of sauce or compote, enjoyed either hot or cold. Made from 100% natural ingredients including Madagascan Vanilla, they can be enjoyed on their own or used for pouring on other desserts. They are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. 

Fools & Queens, single serve desserts.

Fools & Queens are low-sugar, fructose free, always naturally gluten-free and are all handmade in South London, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They have quit sugar and therefore don't use it to sweeten the desserts, but have instead chosen xylitol, a natural sweetener sourced from Finnish birch trees; it's fructose free, very low GI, and has less than 40% of the calories of sugar: 'guilt-free indulgence'. 

Belgian Boys, crepes and pancakes.

Chubby and Skinny, two friends from Belgium now living in New York, whose love of food led them to look for delicious hidden gems when travelling round Europe. Their dream was to bring great Belgian snacks to NYC. Their desserts and snacks are commonly found in Belgium, and have been intermixed with delicacies from surrounding countries, such as France and the Netherlands. 

Froosh, fruit: bottled.  

Froosh create their own recipes: squeezing, pressing and mashing lots of top quality fruit into glass bottles and paper cans which are free from concentrates, added sugar and preservatives. Froosh is 100% fruit and nothing else. 

Pip Organic, cold pressed fruit juices. 

An award winning range of juices, bursting with flavour and juicy goodness for all the family. 

Mojucold pressed vegetable juices.

All Moju juices are cold pressed, which extracts up to 5 times more nutrients than traditional methods. The juices are never pasturised or 'cooked' as this destroys vitamins, minerals, and enzymes; instead they use pressure to protect the nutrients and favlour. The juice is 100% natural with at least 4 portions of fruit or vegetables pressed into each bottle; an impressive 1/3 of a kilo. 


B Fresh, cold pressed vegetable juices. 

Chadwell Farm in the heart of Shropshire has been growing salad leafs, whole-head lettuce, and spinach for the past twenty years. The produce used is grown on the farm and brought fresh into the juicery for pressing and bottling. B Fresh do not use heat to retain the highest levels of vitamins and minerals as possible, delivering a juice bursting with nutrients and flavour. 

Cho, flavoured gazpacho; spanish soup.

¡Cho! is made the old fashioned way up in the hills of Andalucia, using all natural, organic ingredients where possible. A unique recipe of blended fruit and vegetables with one and a half tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to create drinking gazpacho: a savoury snack in a bottle.