Please join our league for more fun outside the fine food forum...

We are very competitive at Cotswold Fayre and thought it would be a good idea to invite our customers and suppliers to join us for a little bit of fun outside of the fine food forum. We are pleased to announce that this year's league sponsor is Pelagonia, producers of the finest Aivar this side of the Bosphorus!

Having put together a league last year, we received many participants and were unable to conclude who many of the teams belonged to by the email address and comical team names. Therefore, we ask you to please complete a short data capture form that, once complete, will lead you to the code to join our league and this way we know who you are!

If you are interested in joining our league please sign in or register below, enter your team by 10th August 7pm and then use the code to join the league.

By completing this form, you agree that the information provided can be used, to contact you in the future with regards to Cotswold Fayre's Fantasy Football 'Pelagonia League'.

We ask that you complete this form, so that we know who you are and can continue to communicate with you about the league table.

In return you will receive the league access code.

CLICK HERE to complete the form and join our league.