We feel there is no better way to do business than face-to-face! Meet the team on entrance stand 2210A, collect a goody bag and explore the pavilion; see, touch and taste over 48 ranges.


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Be sure to visit the Cotswold Fayre Pavilion, complete with 48 partner suppliers, listed below;


2210 A - Cotswold Fayre

B - Olly's Olives

C - Franklin & Sons Drinks

D - Al Chipino Tortilla Chips

E - Filotea Pasta

F - The Garlic Farm 

G - Morsjo Deli Flatbreads


2110 A - Persis Baklava

B - Joe Iced Tea

C - Simply Chocolate

D - Terramezzo 

E - The French Dressing Co.

F - Helt Honey

G - Pelican Rouge Coffee

H - Plain Tasty, RYSP Crispbread


2010 A - Thor Drinks

B - Zeo Drinks [BRAND NEW]

C - Soda Folk American Drinks

D - Proper Pops Protein Snacks

E - Rubies in the Rubble

F - Lavolio Christmas Gifts

G - Milk Boy Chocolate

H - The Protein Ball Co. [BRAND NEW]

J - Acropolis EU Olive Oil & Olives


2001 B - Wiltshire Chilli Farm


1910 A - Belgian Boys Baked Goods

B - Prestat Chocolate

C - One Brand Drinks

D - What a Melon Water

E - Goatsbridge Rainbow Trout Farm [CHILLED]

F - Escuminac Canada Maple Syrup


1810 A - Yumcha & No More Teabags Drinks

B - Drink Me Chai Drinks

C - Crosta & Mollica Italian Baked Goods

D - Wild at Heart

E - Xochitl Tortilla Chips

F - Aqua Carpatica Water

G - Coconut Collective Coconut Water

H - Take a Bite Snack Bars

J - Mr Filbert's Nuts


1710 A - Sowan's Store Cupboard Essentials

B - Ossa Organic Bone Broth [CHILLED] & Pegoty Hedge Ready Meals [CHILLED]

C - I Love Snacks

D - Phrooti Drinks

E - Just Crisps

F - Snaffling Pig Snacks

G - Watmuff & Beckett Soup [CHILLED]

H - Easybean Crispbread


Meet the team on entrance stand 2210A, and pick up a goody bag.

Consolidate your orders and deliveries by choosing Cotswold Fayre as your preferred wholesaler.