Of course, one of the biggest trends of 2017 was the dramatic growth in veganism.  Alongside this growth, there has been a corresponding growth in non-dairy milk alternatives.  Nut milks, particularly those from Rude Health, have seen amazing growth in recent years.  As a soft drink supplier, Cotswold Fayre has seen healthy drinks grow significantly in recent months.  With the sugar tax coming in April 2018, this is only bound to increase.


As a premium soft drink distributor, Cotswold Fayre are always keen to take on new healthy drinks to keep up with consumer trends.  Kombucha drinks were virtually un heard of five years ago, but now there are several brands of kombucha available.  The kombucha market in Europe is predicted to grow to $600M by 2021.  Love Kombucha has been recognised as one of the key players in the UK and grew revenue by 51% in 2017.  Melanie Millin, and her husband, Mal, make the drinks at their Berkshire base and it is a very hand-made process.  When choosing a soft drinks wholesaler, Melanie was looking for a key presence within the speciality food sector, and chose Cotswold Fayre as she expects this to be the main growth market for healthy drinks in the coming years, as more consumers drink well. As a soft drinks wholesaler, Cotswold Fayre is always looking to increase its range of healthy soft drinks into its range.


As well as being a key player in soft drink wholesale, Cotswold Fayre is looking to keep up with products and trends within the market.  Veganism and flexitarianism (choosing to eat vegetable and vegan food on a regular basis) have been two of the biggest trends during 2017.  Alongside this growth, there is a new fruit that is appearing on menus throughout the UK: Jackfruit.


Jackfruit is the largest tree-born fruit in the world, and can grow to 40Kg, and looks like a prehistoric wasp’s nest – a green-yellow orb covered in spikes.  Young jackfruit is very similar texture to pulled pork and beef, meaning it can be an easy meat substitute in curry and rice dishes, which is how it is used in South-East Asia.  Maybe the popularity of tofu will decrease in favour of Jackfruit.  Whilst the fruit can be sourced fresh, with difficulty, in the UK, Upton’s dried jackfruit, launching with Cotswold Fayre in 2018, will make this interesting new product more readily available - available online w/c 15th Janaury 2018.