Latest Update - November 2015

In Paul’s latest visit to Bala Children’s Centre, he got to see the bore hole, water tower and pumping station in action, which are now installed thanks to Cotswold Fayre's continued support and donations from events such as this years Supplier Conference. The next step is to add a water purifier, this would mean the water would be a high enough quality to drink, enabling locals to fill their water bottles. Paul’s goal is a commercial bottling operation, which would be a huge step in creating a sustainable future for the Centre.


The progress made on the agricultural projects since Paul’s last visit has been immense; with the milking cows producing enough milk to earn the Centre a monthly wage, the bulls fattening up nicely for sale (one of which is named Paul!) and crops growing or grass for the cows to eat in every area. An electric fence kindly bought by one of our suppliers, has now been installed to protect crops from intruders, and is working well. Hippos have decided the current is not enough to deter them, however!


When Paul last visited, he gave some practical business tips and advice to the farmers, Paul was impressed with the huge increase in efficiency and productivity on the farm.


Two new cows funded by one of our suppliers were due to arrive over the next week, sadly they were not there for Paul’s visit, but we look forward to receiving photos of them in their new home.


If you would like to find out more about Bala Children’s Centre please click here, or email us to find our how you can make a donation and support the projects.