Sylvie Perez Johns observed a distinct lack of innovation and authenticity in the UK Mexican food sector.  


“I remember opening a so called Enchilada Kit and discovered the salsa was nothing more than tomato paste! It went straight in the bin and I got on the phone with my mum to ask her for our family recipes”  

Most of the ingredients in Sylvie’s family recipes weren’t available at UK supermarkets which is when Sylvie realised there was a real opportunity to introduce authentic Mexican sauces to the UK made with real family recipes and artisan methods.


Sylvie teamed up with Mexican entrepreneurs interested in reviving the true flavour of Mexico and introduced Laterra Mexican sauces to the UK in 2015 during Selfridges’ “Year of Mexico”. The range is produced in Queretaro, Mexico and includes 9 fantastic traditional Mexican flavours all made with natural ingredients and artisan methods. The flavours include the award-winning smokey Zacatecas Chipotle and tangy Michoacan Tomatilo.


“All the products are named after different regions in Mexico and were developed by Mexican chef Ada Valencia. She is passionate about researching ancient and traditional Mexican recipes and developing them for contemporary taste. We wanted UK customers to try our best artisan sauces from Mexico and also learn a little about provenance”

Food researchers “The Food People” stated Mexican is “a hot trend and will take over from Scandinavian as the greatest inspiration for global chefs”.


The Laterra range offers a new and enticing premium range of authentic Mexican sauces and marinades, never before available in UK shops. These are products that stand out from the existing Mexican brands that have been around for over 10 years.  Laterra provide retailers with the opportunity to attract customers for whom quality is the most important factor in their buying decision but they also enable them to create a connection with those who seek Mexican food that is:


- authentic

- made using traditional family recipes

- made with no conservatives or gums.

- made with responsibly, ethically sourced ingredients

- made with traditional methods never before attempted by other brands.


“Not only are our flavours and textures new to the market, but our products provide discerning customers with an easy and convenient solution, meaning they don’t have to shop for all the exotic ingredients separately and then have to spend a lot of time producing a high quality sauce at home.”   


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