Fine food distributor, Cotswold Fayre, is preparing for growth with the relocation of both its ambient warehouse and office space to two separate locations.


The warehouse, has moved from Reading to a distribution hotspot where the M4 meets the A34 at Membury, and the office to just down the road in West Reading.


Paul Hargreaves, chief executive of Cotswold Fayre says: “Business is doing very well at the moment and with a growing number of product SKU’s our old warehouse space was proving to be a bit constrictive, particularly in peak times.


“This larger space will help us accommodate more orders, especially in peak seasonal period, giving us the flexibility to expand.”


The new office space will be home to the company’s marketing, customer service team and accounts team. The office will also house the new expanded telesales team, who will be working to both improve current customer experience and increase outreach to new customers.


Paul adds: “A year of improving our technology and ordering systems has eliminated our need to have the office and our warehouse in one location.   


“Splitting up the warehouse and the office, will provide two very distinct and dedicated functions, and will also provide the opportunity to grow the company through multiple warehouses.”


The company’s chilled warehouse will remain in its current location in Northampton.