Matters European are everyone’s focus for the next two weeks, by which time we may be out of Europe both politically and in the football.  We’ll leave aside the football this week after Saturday’s results, and concentrate on 23rd June.  Business throughout the UK has been holding its breath throughout the campaign and many companies have held off recruiting during this period.  Whatever the result, it will be close, and there will be fallout either way, probably having a detrimental effect economically.


A positive effect though, similar to the Scottish vote 2 years ago, has been that people not normally engaged in politics currently are registering to vote, and some of the political apathy of normal people in the UK has rescinded. One of my team has never voted in her life but is doing so in two weeks. 


I have conducted a very unscientific poll amongst colleagues, suppliers and others, and it seems that around 75% of business owners are voting “remain” as they believe business will be harmed if we Brexit. Many of these companies import or export, so this is hardly surprising, and as the opinion polls become closer in favour of Brexit, they are generally concerned about their businesses.


Possibly more concerning is the fact that most of the younger generation (more than 75% in my opinion) are keen to remain within Europe, and are equally keen to be welcoming to people of other nations.  On the other hand, the majority of over 65s will be voting “out”.  There seems something profoundly wrong here that the retired could possibly swing the vote away from what the future of our country want.


Whichever way you vote on 23rd June, I would encourage you to have the wider community at heart rather than self-interest.  Personally I will be glad when it’s over and hope that the home nations will be still in the tournament once the vote is over!