Trust is the key of all relationships – business or otherwise!Read More
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Back from a Break

6 Aug 2018 08:30:00

The good thing about holidays is that we always come back with new ideas and new energy to bring to our business and personal lives.

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The first new product launch from Farrington Oils in four years perfectly blends the warm heat of chilli flakes with the gentle aroma of cumin seeds.

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Please join our league for more fun outside the fine food forum...

Click here to join the league.

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Logistic Partners

31 Jul 2018 08:30:00

There is much success to be celebrated this month at Walkers Logistics. Membury-based logistics services company, Walker Logistics, has been recognised for the environmentally friendly way that it operates its business and 22 year-old Sam Collins has been named Young Employee of the Year.Read More
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New Heritage Inspired Range

30 Jul 2018 08:30:00

The Ministers of Taste range includes some of the nation’s best-known and well-loved food and drink gifting products including biscuits, preserves, chutney, teas, confectionery and cake.

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Reality Check?

16 Jul 2018 08:30:00

There are too many companies in our sector that are hobby-businesses or part-time businesses for those that don’t really need the money.

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Speciality Fine Food Fair 2018

9 Jul 2018 12:36:00

Be sure to visit the Cotswold Fayre Pavilion, complete with over 40 partner suppliers. Consolidate your orders and deliveries by choosing Cotswold Fayre as your preferred wholesaler.

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Cotswold Fayre Charity Ball went off very well on Friday evening and the World Cup match on Saturday completed a great weekend!Read More
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Paul Hargreaves - Trust

2 Jul 2018 08:30:00

All transactions, negotiations and business relationships involve trust, however, this trust seems to be in decline. 

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