Paul Hargreaves: Drive to Succeed?

17 Jul 2017 10:52:11

Paul Hargreaves; " Thinking about success and failure this morning as I was listening to sports pundits waxing lyrical about Roger Federer’s achievements over the years, and what it is that makes a sports person (or indeed a business person) successful. "Read More
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 Milland Community Store

Recently, we caught up with one of our convenience store customers, Milland Community Store. As preparations for Christmas begin, they share some tips on how to boost seasonal sales.

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As a fine food wholesaler, we certainly know the importance of the Christmas period for both our suppliers and customers. Whether you’re a convenience store, fine food store or deli, the key to a successful Christmas is to stock the best.

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We are excited to introduce this years' Christmas range withe more than 800 products from 180 suppliers. We thought you would be interested to know what our best sellers are so far…Read More

Award Winning Easy Bean

30 Jun 2017 09:31:13

We are delighted to announce that NEW Chickpea Crispbread Cheddar Crunch has been SHORTLISTED for the Great British Food Awards (Gluten Free category) as well as receiving WINNER of the Healthy Food & Drinks Awards 2017.

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If you resided in the United Kingdom between the years of 1982 and 2007, you will know the phrase "Reassuringly Expensive" and will instantly associate it with Stella Artois, the Belgian lager beer.  I have no problem at all with “reassuringly expensive” but I do have a problem with “preposterously pricey”.  

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Speciality Fine Food Fair 2017

26 Jun 2017 12:36:23

Calling all retailers: Be sure to visit the Cotswold Fayre Pavilion, complete with 48 partner suppliers. Consolidate your orders and deliveries by choosing Cotswold Fayre as your preferred wholesaler.Read More
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Focus on Mulberry’s, Hove

19 Jun 2017 08:00:00

This month, we’ve been speaking to Sue Ruse, shop manager for Mulberry’s in Hove, to find out how the store is finding stocking fine food and in particular, our confectionery products... 

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There are enough other people at present commenting on the UK’s socio-economic and political problems, so I am going to restrict myself this week to talking about the demise of one of Cotswold Fayre’s first ever customers.

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So, we have now completed our third national vote within just over 2 years, and it is odds on a fourth within a year.  I had a rumour the other day that polling stations are occasionally used as primary schools!  

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